Application Process

Applications to different scholarships and self supporting degrees should be done online through their respective application systems before their deadlines. If you want to know more about scholarships and their requirements please go to our Fees and Scholarships page.


Application System Website

Application Schedule  

CSC Scholarship

CUMT Agency Number:10290

2022-1-1 to 2022-4-5

CUMT Scholarship

March Intake:2021-11-15 to 2022-1-15

September Intake:2022-1-16 to 2022-7-10


March Intake:2021-11-15 to 2022-1-15

September Intake:2022-1-16 to 2022-7-10


1. Applicants can apply for more than one scholarship but can only accept one scholarship;

2. If applicants fail to get a scholarship, they are welcome to study at CUMT at their own expense by applying as a self-supporting student.

3. When applying for CSC Scholarship disciplines or majors taught in Chinese, the Chinese proficiency of the applicants for bachelor's degrees, general non-degree students (except for Chinese language major) and visiting scholars should technically at least meet requirements of HSK-3, and for the applicants for master's degrees or doctoral degrees, the Chinese proficiency should be technically at least HSK-4.


Below is the application process for CUMT scholarships and self-supporting degrees:

STEP 1: 

Choose a program.[N1]


Register your account and activate it in application system.

Applications for CUMT scholarships or self-supporting degrees should ONLY be done online through the CUMT online system


Fill out the application and upload all required documents.


Submit the application and note your application number.


Pay for the application fee.


Check your admission status regularly.


Take part in the interview.


Get your admission result via application system and email. 

STEP 9: 

After documents checking, please pay for the deposit fee of 5000 CNY and confirm your admission. The deposit fee can be used as tuition or accommodation.

For more information and help regarding admissions, please E-Mail: