. Before you leave home

1. Visa Application

 You may apply for your Chinese Visa at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your home country. When applying for your visa, please remember to bring along with you your valid passport, the original copy of the university's admission notification and a Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China (also known as the JW201/JW202 form). Do make sure that your letter of admission and JW202 form are handed back to you together with your passport after obtaining your Chinese visa. You will need these documents to apply for Residence Permit after your arrival in Beijing.

International Students who will be studying in China for more than 6 months are required to obtain an ‘X1' Visa.

Important: (1) The‘X1’ Visa will is only valid for 30 days after your arrival. You must apply for a Residence Permit within these 30 daysYou would be otherwise considered staying illegally and heavily fined.

(2) According to Chinese law and regulations, students with visa-free access cannot get any other valid visa within mainland China. PLEASE apply for X1/X2/L visa before you come to China.

 It is not advisable to arrive way before the day of registration since you will not be able to apply for a Residence Permit prior to registration.

'X1' Visa Sample

 Students who will be studying in China for less than 6 months may apply for an ‘X2' Visa.

 ‘X2' Visa Sample

 Students who plan to come to China one month before the day of registration may apply for a tourist visa, known as ‘L' Visa.

Tourist Visa/ ‘L' Visa Sample

 For information regarding the location and the contacts of the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your country, please visit the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs at

2. What to Bring

 Do make sure that you keep at least 2 photocopies of your important documents. You should consider having your important documents, such as medical prescriptions and marriage certificates (if necessary), translated into Mandarin before leaving your country.

Below is the checklist of important documents that you must carry with you to Xuzhou.

 •Valid passport and visa

 •Admission Letter from China University of Mining and Technology (original copy)

 •Visa Application form for Study in China (the JW201/JW202 form) (original)

 •Tuition and accommodation fee, etc. (If self-sponsored)

 •2-inch full-faced photos (at least 2 copies)

 •Physical examination record and blood test reports (original, if available)

 •Passport, visa, marriage certificate (if any)

 You may also consider bringing these documents with you if you deem them necessary:

 •School transcripts

 •Personal bank statement

 •Reference/Recommendation letters

3. Packing for Your Trip

 Travel light. Most daily necessities can be easily purchased in convenience stores, supermarkets and shopping malls in Xuzhou. We recommend that you purchase your daily necessities (such as paper folders, cooking utensils, mirrors, etc.) after you have settled in, as you will then have a better idea of what you actually need.

 If possible, do consider packing with you a towel and a set of sheets from home. You might need them to “settle-down” with on the day you arriving.

 We strongly suggest that you bring along the things that will make you feel at home, such as posters, photos and cultural items from your country. These mementos from home may help you feel comfortable in Beijing and also minimize cultural shocks as well as homesickness.

 Ⅱ.Upon your arrival

1. The route to CUMT

From the airport: You may take the shuttle bus from the airport to Wenchang Campus(中国矿业大学文昌校区), CUMT directly and get off in the terminal station, which costs 20 yuan (RMB).

From the Xuzhou East station: (a) You may arrive at the Wenchang campus by bus No.72 and get off in the station of CUMT(中国矿业大学文昌校区), which costs 2 yuan (RMB). You should prepare changes by yourselves. (b) You may also arrive at the Wenchang campus by taxi, which costs around 40 yuan (RMB).

From the Xuzhou station: (a) You may arrive at the Wenchang campus by bus No.11, No.11(), No.19 and get off in the station of CUMT(中国矿业大学文昌校区), which costs 2 yuan (RMB). You should prepare changes by yourselves. (b) You may also arrive at the Wenchang campus by taxi, which costs around 20 yuan (RMB).

2. Registration of Your Residence at Local Police Station

 In accordance with Rules for the Implementation of the Chinese Law on Control of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners, international students must register at the local police station within 24 hours after their arrival. If you stay in a hotel or live in on-campus international student dormitories, you need not register since the hotel/accommodation office will help you register.

 Failing to register at the local police station will be warned or fined up to 2000RMB.

3. Health Insurance

 The Chinese Ministry of Education requires that all international students be medically insured throughout their study in China. This policy is crucial to the health, wellness and success of international students.

 CUMT international students are required to purchase the Comprehensive Insurance Plan for Foreign Students, which is offered by the Guolian Life Insurance Company of China on the day of registration, which will cost 600 yuan/year for each student.  Please note that students without valid medical insurance are not allowed to register.

 For more information about the insurance plans offered by Guolian Life, please visit

4. Registration


Documents needed


Day of Registration

Register and collect orientation package

Admission Notification (original copy)

Visa Application for Study in China form (JW201/JW202 form) (original copy)

 Passport and valid visa

2-inch photos (at least 2 copies)

Residence registration

Passport and valid visa

Purchase medical insurance


RMB 600 yuan

 In cash

Room registration


Don't forget to take your keys and the campus card

1-2 weeks after registration

Tuition and accommodation Payment

Physical examination

Admission notification
2-inch photos

Address: No. 130 Xi'an south Road, Quanshan district, Xuzhou city

Visa/Residence Permit application

Admission Notification
JW201/JW202 form
Check/reciept of insurance, tuition and accommodation payment
Physical examination result

5. Contact us

 International student’s office, CUMT

 Address: International Students' Apartment (Xue 17 Building), Wenchang Campus of CUMT,  

 Xuzhou, Jiangsu, PR China

 Tel: +86-0516-83592818; +86-0516-83592819