China University of Mining and Technology has a school hospital, divided into Wenchang campus and Nanhu campus branches, providing medical treatment services for everyone. When you are ill you can go to either one to receive a check-up. 

Nearby our University Wenchang campus are the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical College, the Xuzhou Central Hospital, and Xuzhou City Hospital of TCM. All are excellent major hospitals, and everyone may choose one according to their needs.

Students provided with a full scholarship by the Chinese government should get their insurance card at enrollment. If you need hospitalization or encounter accident injuries, please contact the insurance company according to the service number on the back of the insurance card.

Treatment, prescription and hospitalization fees for self-paying students are completely the responsibility of the student. If you have insurance, please contact Ms Yin (manager, +86 18651791122) for helping.

The Xuzhou Emergency Center can be reached by telephone by dialing 120 .

The following are addresses for several major hospitals in the city of Nanjing:

The Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical College, 300 Huaihai west Road, TEL: 0516-85609999

The Xuzhou Central Hospital, 199 Jiefang South Road, TEL: 0516-96120

Xuzhou City Hospital of TCM, 169 Zhongshan South Road, TEL: 8008288120