An Unforgettable Football Match For Welcoming


A fantastic foreign students’ football match was played between the skillful old students and the hopeful new students counterparts mostly consisting of Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakhstan. The match was witness by a number of foreign students and Chinese students on Sunday October 25 2015 at the third playground. The old students’ team was led by Edmond who put up an amazing football display while the energetic new students were captained by their motivating Didar.


The game started at 4:30 pm. In the first half of the game, the new students put on huge defensive quality and attacking pattern of play which led the skillful old students slowing their usual offensive quality. The old student ended the first half on a 3-0 score. The second half was more of amusement for the fans with the entry of Ali Musa, Crusoe and other players. The new students came on with a wonderful play in the second half with Daniel from Russia reducing the score by 2 goals but Ali Musa took the game by storm and led the brilliant old students to an impressive victory on a 5-2 score.


The new students promise to display a more impressive football in the next encounter sometime in the winter of this year. We all know that the old students have corporated for a long time and they have practiced well before these young new students coming so we have the reason to believe that they will be much better after a period of time’s training and corporation.