Chinese Government Scholarship

Application Deadline: April 5th, 2022

Application Procedure

Step 1: Read the Scholarship Introduction:

Step 2: Get Ready for Required Documents. The document list can be found on the link of Step 1 Scholarship Introduction. Besides, according to the new requirement of CSC, Non-criminal Record is also needed. When applying for disciplines or majors taught in Chinese, the Chinese proficiency of the applicants for bachelor's degrees, general non-degree students (except for Chinese language major) and visiting scholars should technically at least meet requirements of HSK-3, and for the applicants for master's degrees or doctoral degrees, the Chinese proficiency should be technically at least HSK-4.

Step 3: Apply Online (Agency No. 10290)

Notice: Applicants donot have to send the application hard copies to CUMT after submission online, we will check the original documents upon your registration on campus. Besides, applicants donot need to apply on CUMT portal before the admission results are released.