CUMT Regulations for International Student Apartment

We hereby make the following regulations to standardize the management of international students’ apartment buildings and create a harmonious, safe, clean and comfortable learning and living environment. Anyone who live in apartments must strictly observe these regulations, subject to management and cooperate with the university.

The apartments are only arranged for international students registered in our university. International students who have formally registered in our university with a normal passport and a valid visa can apply for residence in the student apartments and go through the accommodation procedures in accordance with the relevant procedures.

Article 1 Students should pay on time when living in international student apartments. The residence fee should be paid in full before the first residence, and then in every following university year, fees should be paid before September 30. For students who are in arrears with residence fees, the university administration has the right to order them to move out of the apartments within a specified period of time.

Article 2 International students should stay in the assigned rooms in the apartment buildings. Students are required to comply with the arrangement, not to change or occupy rooms without permission. The space and equipment in rooms should be used equally with roommates; Space should not be occupied without permission. Students can’t let anyone else live in apartments or rent(borrow) beds (rooms). If demanding to change rooms for special reasons, the students should apply in May and November of each year, and after being examined and approved by the International College, students can go to the apartment property management office for the relevant procedures.

Article 3 International students should check out the supporting facilities according to the list of facilities in the rooms, and understand the various accommodation management regulations and usage specifications. The facilities and furniture in the room are all matching, and they should not be dismantled or moved out of the room at will. The violator is deemed to destroy public goods.

Article 4 Check-out should be notified three days in advance to the management of the apartment. When checking out, the room should be restored to its original appearance and the management will check it out before checking out. If the facilities and furniture in the room are damaged or lost, the students themselves will compensate according to the price. Graduates and those who leave the university should check out before leaving university. One week after the students leave the university, apartment managers have the right to dispose of indoor leftovers without further notice to the students themselves.”

Article 5 The power supply system of international student apartment adopts intelligent power supply system. Students should first buy electricity and then use it. The balance in the electricity account can be refunded according to the relevant regulations of the property after the check-out procedures are completed. The university provides a certain amount of free electricity for international students’ dormitories, including 330 degrees per semester for Chinese government scholarship students and Jiangsu Provincial Government scholarship students (full prize), and 40 degrees per semester for other international students. The cost of electricity beyond the above quota is borne by international students. The apartment building property management office is responsible for informing students whose rooms’ pre stored electricity are below 20 degrees.

Article 6 Apartment managers have the right to enter international student rooms according to regulations for work needs. Students should cooperate with the University for health, discipline and safety inspection. International students should take the initiative to relocate personal belongings or temporarily change rooms when the building is in the maintenance.

Article 7 International students can get a dormitory door key card from the property management office of the apartment building and should keep it properly. It is forbidden to lend it to others. If the door card is missing or damaged, it is necessary to report to the apartment managers in time and make a new one at students’ own expense.

Article 8 International students should strictly abide by the visiting system of apartment buildings. Visitors must show relevant documents and register before entering the apartment building and leave the apartment building before 23:00. Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight or interfere with the normal study and life of their roommates. Visitors must abide by Chinese laws, university rules and regulations of international student apartments. To ensure the personal and property safety of international students, visitors should go through registration procedures at the reception desk and leave within the specified time. Visitors without certificates cannot enter the apartment building.

Article 9 International students should strictly observe the schedule of apartment buildings. The opening time of the apartment building is: 6:00 - 23:00. Loud noise in the apartment building or in the doorway is not allowed. No loud music can be played by audio or other equipment after 22:00. Sports, such as playing basketball, which affects others’ study and rest in or around the apartment building is not allowed. It is strictly forbidden to use bass speakers in dormitories. Once discovered, the equipment will be confiscated and punished will be made according to relevant regulations. If balls and assemblies are to be held for legitimate reasons such as major festivals, the consent of the International College shall be obtained and activities should be held at a designated place within a specified time. Organizers are required to pay a deposit to ensure safety during the event, maintain good order on the site, and the event will end before 22:00.

Article 10 Relevant rules and regulations shall be observed when utilities such as activity rooms, self-study rooms and kitchens in apartment buildings are used. If a waste of public water and electricity, electricity theft and other acts are found, apartment managers have the right to stop, give a circular criticism or disciplinary sanctions, according to the seriousness of the case and even pursue legal responsibility

Article 11 International students ‘mobile phones, computers, cash, campus cards and other valuables should be properly kept. When leaving the dormitory and sleeping, students should lock the door to prevent property from being stolen. It is forbidden to engage in business or other promotional activities, organize or propagate religious activities, and perform any religious ceremony in public places.

Article 12 When facilities or circuits in apartment buildings and rooms fail, international students should report to the management staff of apartment buildings in time, and the property management company of apartment buildings will send someone to carry out repair. Self-repair or demolition are strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to install high-power electrical appliances without permission. Upon discovery, the electrical appliances and wires were confiscated and punished will be made according to the relevant regulations.

Article 13 The students in the university have the responsibility and obligation to keep the room clean inside and outside. No littering, cigarette butts; sewage or water can’t be poured into the trash; no scribbling on walls of rooms or posting, distributing posters or leaflets in corridors; no decorating dormitories without authorization, or cutting nails into the walls and other hard objects; no painting and sticking in the dormitory; no pouring leftovers into sewers which may cause blockage; No Flammable and explosive articles are kept in the room, and cooking and barbecuing in the room are prohibited. If the personal belongings are kept in the public area for more than a week, the apartment administrator can dispose of the belongings without ownership and will not notify the students themselves.

Article 14 No pets are allowed in the dormitory buildings, and dangerous activities such as climbing doors, windows, roofs and railings are prohibited.

Article 15 Students are strictly prohibited from violating Chinese laws and university rules and regulations in their dormitories. Those who violate them will be punished according to Chinese laws and university rules and regulations.

The right to interpret these regulations is owned by the International College and the property management office. These Regulations shall be implemented from the date of promulgation, and they will be revised and updated in time according to the actual implementation. As required, the regulations may be translated into various languages, and all texts shall be based on Chinese.

Regulations on the Management of off-Campus Accommodation for International students in China University of Mining and Technology

The international students registered in our university should be accommodated in the international student apartments. For students that need to accommodate themselves outside the university for some reasons, the students themselves should apply for the approval of the International College, and after the public security department has put it on file, they can then accommodate themselves outside the university.

  1. For international students to apply for off campus accommodation, the following procedures should be abided by:

  2. Sign a formal rental contract or agreement with the landlord; provide a registration card for the hotel (Chinese Government Scholarship students must obtain the approval of the International College in advance before signing a formal agreement with the landlord, the off-campus rental allowance will be issued one month after the approval of the college, and the off-campus rental allowance will not be issued in the same month);

  3. Apply to the International College by rental contract or agreement or “International Student Registration Form” (downloadable from the International College website).

  4. “Registration Form for Temporary Accommodation of Overseas Personnel” shall be submitted to the police station where the rental house is located on the basis of the approved “Registration Form for International Students’ Off-campus Accommodation”.

  5. When the residence permit in China expires, students shall deal with the residence permit formalities at the International College by “Registration Form for Temporary Accommodation of Overseas Personnel” signed by the local police station

  6. If students want to change campus residence, “Registration Form for International Students’ Off-campus Accommodation” should be filled and then students should go to the police station and the International Student Office for information change. Otherwise, it will affect the international students’ residence permit, and the international students themselves should take the responsibility.

  7. International students are responsible for their own personal and property safety during the period of renting. If there is a dispute between the international students and the landlord about renting a house, it should be settled in principle by the international students themselves and the landlord through consultation. The university can provide necessary language help and policy advice.