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We all know that studying abroad can be a really fun experience and you should do everything you can to make the most of your time abroad. However, as well as having lots of fun you need to be aware of some of the dangers that you can encounter when you plan to study abroad.

Half of this semester has gone by , for the concerning of students’ personal and property safety, we warmly reminds again as below:

Be watchful for defraud

Improve self-protection awareness and be aware of the message, call or internet fraud information. Be careful for the common defraud means such as employment, prize award, tax return, cheap trade or fake identification.

Be watchful for pilferage

Deposit most of your cash into the bank timely and do not put too much cash in the dorms.

Take care of your valuables. Take away the things with you when you leave rather than leave them randomly in the classroom, dormitory or any public areas.

Whenever you leave the dorms, please remember to check whether the door and the windows are closed.

Be watchful for fireproofing

Fire and Inflammable material and electrical equipment over 500W are forbidden in the dormitory. Learn to use the fire extinguisher.

Drink Wisely

At some point you will want to socialize and this often leads to drinking. The golden rule with drinking is to drink sensibly and among friends who you trust. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and sense of judgement which can make you very vulnerable to thieves and trouble - so the advice is drink sensibly or not at all!

Keep in Contact

Probably one of the most important rules is to keep in contact with people and let somebody know where you are going. Nowadays it is relatively cheap to have a mobile phone and this will make it easy for people to contact you should they need to. Also, if you are sharing an apartment with someone let them know if you are going out and where - that way if anything happens someone knows where you went.


Watch for the traffic and personal property when go out.

Pets are not allowed to be raised in the dorms.

For any urgent cases, please contact International College or the Local Police Station at once.

Common Contact:

Frequently used numbers: Emergency 110, Fire alarm: 119,Ambulance: 120

International Students Office: 0516-83592818 15605210628

Counsellor in our dormitory: Vincent 15252142506 Kang:15896429038