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The 2015 1st China University of Mining and Technology basketball league cup final was witnessed by an electrifying crown of spectators. The final was held at the Tao Park Basketball court(桃苑篮球场) on the afternoon of the 13 th October 2015. The game was played between the Mongolian team hailing from the international college and the Chinese all stars.

Mongolia/International College team (Black Jersey) Vs Chinese All Stars( Yellow Jersey)

As the enthusiastic crowd sat under the 12:00 afternoon sun, anticipating the whistle to begin the match, both teams started working on their strategies, warming up with mind blowing lay ups and three point shots. Finally the moment everyone was waiting for drew nigh and the match referee blew the whistles to engage the two power houses.

The first quarter started with the Chinese team on a low gear as the Mongolians were collecting all two points with great intensity.

Billy from Mongolia shooting for two from a free throw zone after being fouled on a fast break.

The Mongolians were playing a zone play technique without their big man posting on a high point and so the Chinese used that to their advantage to get back in the game as the picked up most of the rebounds both on offence and on defense.

The second half commenced on a tight point difference the Mongolians leading by five points. This was the part of the match were fouls were inflicted the most and injuries started to take place. By the third quarter the Chinese team could sniff victory as the two teams were tie on 22-22 points.

Chinese all-star team star player putting pressure on Mongolian defense.

With only three minutes to the final whistle, The entire crowd went crazy and there was moments of boooo boooo booo booooo as well as jia you jia you. With only three second left on a tie break, the Mongolians pulled up a splendid play on the Chinese team half and beat the clock with a controversial two pointer on a one second mark. As the basket was sunk in the entire international college crowd jumped into the court with great joy as they celebrated a 36-38 win.

The crowd rushing in the centre court to celebrate the International College victory powered by Mongolian team

The match was climaxed the International college admiration staff which included the Dean and Director, they awarded both teams with certificates of sportsmanship merit.

The Dean and the Director of the International College awarding certificates.

International College students and their basketball heroes.

Story by Moshoeshoe and Notee