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Celebrating the double ninth festival typically includes a touring in the autumn, climbing mountains, ornamental chrysanthemum, dogwood, eating double ninth gao (cake), drinking chrysanthemum wine and other activities. As the university continuing to celebrate with its international students, touring the famous mountain in Xuzhou was an amazing selection to get the students comfortable. On Wednesday October 21 2015 was an exciting mountain tour for more than 40 international students from 12 different countries. The students were extremely excited by the view of the mountain. The famous Yun Long Mountain which is located on the south of Xuzhou city is approximately 240 m. And its beautiful scenery had the students in a very high mountain climbing spirit. The trip began at 2:00 pm with students assembling at the Yun long mountain entrance. The tour guides included You Shi, Vincent, Leona and Aaron.

Students gather at the entrance of the Yun Long Mountain

At the beginning of the trip, the students were very enthusiastic and overwhelming to reach the peak of the mountain but the one hour fifteen minutes walk needed a break of fifteen minutes to get the students to their magic moment---The top of the mountain.

Finally at the mountain peak- student assemble to take a group picture

A view from the peak of the famous Yun Long Mountain

The beautiful environment and spectacular scenery from the top of the mountain had all the students in different directions taking and gathering the best scene by means of photographs. The joy and happiness was expressed by their physical appearances.

Madina, Minura, Aziza, Valeriya, Ekaterina andAli Mouss expressing their excitement.

Madina, Gulvira, Parviz, Aidana, Leona, and Zhadyra caught a beautiful scene- as the city of Xuzhou and Yun Long Lake can be seen

in the background of this photo from the top of the Mountain.

After several times of amazement and photographs, the trip to travel down the mountain had to began even though the students were not willing to leave the beautiful scene. Like the saying goes, every good thing must come to an end but this day will be remembered to them as one of the students pointed out.

This is one of the activities of The 3rd International Cultural Festival. This is one of premier university events which we demonstrate and welcome all different cultures in a bid of creating multicultural environment. It is an opportunity for everyone to participate and demonstrate what culture is and to seed multi cultural environment which fosters peace, loving each other and a friendly environment on CUMT campus and to set precedents to the next generations who will join our lovely school.

The 3rd International Cultural Festival will start from November 21, 2015. The theme of this year is “World, Smile”. The International Cultural Festival of this year will be outstanding from previous Festivals. We have a huge number of students nearly 400 from more than 50 different countries. We hope that Chinese and International students all can join and enjoin the International Culture Festival.