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The new semester begins and students have started their learning and living in this New Year. In the past winter vacation, 194 students from 21 countries stayed in school for various reasons. However, they had a well-spent vacation with wonderful activities.

Doc. Pham Thi Nhan, from Vietnam, was busy doing scientific research during this vacation. She divided her research work into two stages: to record statistics through experiments and to analyze the statistics. “There are obviously many differences between foreign students and Chinese, this is evident in the troubles of doing a full research in Chinese as well as interpersonal communication. She stipulated that "Although I could not spend the vacation with my family,it was worthwhile to concentrate on my thesis during this period so that I could get my PHD earlier, which makes me more excited.” On the same note, after a term of intense study, a Russian girl, by the name of Rina, traveled to Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao in the past winter vacation. Now she is planning for her summer vacation. Another international student named Ahmed, a boy from Comoros, went to Beijing Division of Nantong Construction III to do an internship, as a result he has received an offer from this company. After his graduation, he would be an engineer in Beijing Division. In addition, some foreign students love sports so much that they played football on the school playground every afternoon. Sport has become an important part in their vacation.

In order to enrich their lives in the winter vacation, the International College organized lots of activities, including: Chinese learning programs, visiting Yun long Lake, Yun long Mountain and some ancient buildings. Sagar Asm Sharif, from Bangladesh, is the most active student. He said:” Most of my classmates are new here and we know little about this city, but through these organized activities we now know more about Xuzhou, and I have made great progress in my Chinese language. It is quite obvious that the lucky money in red envelopes happens to be our favorite.” “I have been here for four years, but Spring Festival dinner was good and different this year. The president Zou and the vice president Cao sat together with us and explained to us howgreat expectationsthey have for us to excel in our studies. Hence, we need to work harder in the new semester.” Tovele Gerson Silvestre Virgilio said.

Pham Thi Nhan from Vietnam was doing experiments

Ahmed from Comoros was doing an internship

Rina from Russia was visting Hong kong

The director of International College was giving out red envelops

Spring festival gathering lunch

Spring festival gathering lunch

International students were playing cricket

International students were outside international building

International studentswere traveling to Yun long lake

International students were at an internship (Nanshan iron mine)