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International College organizes international students to participate in Chinese medicine cultural experience activities

Chinese medicine is both used by the Chinese and Worldwide. It was an inspiring call that was put forward by the General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Guangdong to introduce the use of Chinese medicine to the world. On December 28th, in the afternoon, our college organized a visit for the international students to visit the out-patient clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Xuzhou, Guobao Tang, to participate in the cultural experience and activities therefore learning more about Traditional Chinese Medicine and also to experience the cultural charm offour diagnostic methods: wàng wén wèn qiè. About 20 International Students from the seven countries, such as Russia, Kazakhstan and Vietnam, participated in the cultural activities.

At the beginning of the visit, Professor Wei Qunli, a famous Chinese medicinal doctor, patiently taught the international students the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the classical cases of the famous ancient doctors, such as Bianque, Huatuo, Zhang Zhongjing, Sun Simiao, Li Shizhen, etc. The students listened and observed with great interest and lamented the long-term and magic of traditional Chinese Medicine Civilization. Professor Wei also introduced the international students to the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, such as diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, meridians and acupoints of human body, etc. It was superficial and fascinating. Then, the staff showed the students all kinds of valuable Chinese medicine materials and introduced their use and curative effect to the patients, and led the foreign students into the clinic to see the relevant equipment and tools of Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment, and taught on-site diagnosis and treatment to the several students. Everyone was full of curiosity and was so eager to try out the methods of Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment.