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Warm Winter Solstice, Dumpling DIY

—International College Organizes International Students to Experience Chinese Traditional Culture

As one of the most important solar terms in the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar, “The Winter Solstice” has always been said to be as big as Chinese Spring Festival. Dumplings, known as a traditional diet in the winter solstice, are very popular with everyone. In order to let overseas students embrace Chinese traditional food culture and experience on a large scale, on December 21st, our college launched a Chinese traditional culture experience activity of Winter Solstice Warm, Dumpling DIY in Wenchang Restaurant of China University of Mining and Technology. More than 30 international students from 11 countries, including France, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Zimbabwe, participated in the event.

First of all, Teacher Cai from Ziwei College told the foreign students about the historical allusions of dumplings and demonstrated the whole process of making dumplings. Subsequently, the students were divided into four groups to make dumplings, and each group cooperated to complete the group task. Although the students were making dumplings for the first time, they are very enthusiastic. Teachers are more intimate in their hand-in-hand teaching, patiently guiding each step to the students. The atmosphere of the activity was warm and harmonious, and everyone was immersed in the fun.