Implementing the Spirit of the General Secretary's Reply and Feeling the Great Power of China's Progress—Chinese and foreign teachers and students visit the party spirit education training base in Yunlong District, Xuzhou City


At the Party Spirit Education Training Base in Yunlong District, Xuzhou City, Chinese and foreign teachers and students visited and studied.

On December 18, the party branch directly subordinating to the International College carried out the theme party day activity of "implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's reply letter and feeling the great power of China's progress," to organize international students and ensure that the learning and education of party history is effective.

Under the guidance of the on-site instructors, Chinese and international teachers and students walked into the education base and visited the exhibition areas of the United Front, the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, and the War of Liberation, the Huaihai Campaign, the Deeds of Heroes, and the economic prosperity of Yunlong District. The students paid close attention to the explanations, took breaks to admire the priceless cultural artifacts and photographs, and communicated with the lecturers now and then. "I didn't know China had experienced so many painful wars before," Jon, a master's student from Zambia, said. "But now China is the world's second largest economy, and the development process during this period is unique; I want to learn more about Chinese history and study knowledge, and better build Zambia after returning home."

All the teaching staff who are party members gathered in the Party Construction Square, facing the party flag, to review the oath of membership and remember the the initial task and mission as a party member. The bright red party emblem, formal oath of membership, and solemn swearing-in ceremony left the international students in attendance thought-provoking. Amare, a Ghanaian doctorate student, said, "I didn't know much about the Chinese Communist Party before but in the prevention and control of the pandemic, teachers went above and beyond, putting their lives on the line for us. Today, as I stand in front of the party flag, I am gradually realizing the reason why the Communist Party of China could make such great achievements with the support of all Chinese people.

Chinese and foreign professors and students carried out quality improvement activities in the Party Construction Square after reviewing the oath of membership. There were endless cheers in the tug-of-war, rope skipping, and other activities.

Throughout the competition, the team's consciousness improved. Upon this journey back, the international students were ecstatic and expressed their appreciation for such initiatives.

They not only learned about China's history and achievements in economic development, but they also strengthened the foreign students’ group cohesion by deepening their understanding with professors and classmates. It is expected that the college could host more events like this in the future.

In the next step according to the plan, the college's party branch will use a variety of methods to tell Chinese stories and assist international students in gaining a better understanding of China's national conditions and the Communist Party of China; at the same time, students will be encouraged to share what they have seen and heard in China with others, and will play an active role in promoting people-to-people bonds between all countries.