The 2022 International College Teacher-Student Table Tennis Competition


Left to Right, Abdusalam, Atashka and Lusitan

The 2022 International College Teacher-Student Table Tennis Competition was successfully organized in the table tennis room of Wenchang Campus on the 13th of March 2022. This tournament brought together 32 international students from 13 countries and several instructor representatives.

The competition is primarily singles-based, with a single-elimination format. The competition had a large number of athletes who were evenly matched. The performances demonstrated by each person were brilliant. Occasionally during the competition, enthusiastic and loud cheers could be seen and heard.
Lusitan of Uzbekistan won the championship, while Abdusalam from Djibouti ranked the second place, and Atashka from Turkmenistan won the third prize, following a three hours battle.
The game came to a brilliant conclusion in a happy and friendly mood. The sportsmen played steadily, sweating generously, and everyone in attendance was genuinely moved by their fighting spirit in refusing to give up any chance. This competition provides a stage for international students of all grades to interact with each other and demonstrate their capabilities, while also allowing international students to have a better understanding of China's "small ball" culture.