The 2nd Teacher-Student Fun Games of the International College Successfully Held


Speech Delivered by the Vice President Li Honghai

The track and field of Wenchang Campus was quite lively on the 15th of January 2022, and the 2nd Teacher-Student Fun Games of the International College was successfully organized. The games attracted over 100 Chinese teachers and foreign students from 33 nations, including eight student teams and one faculty team. The games were attended by Vice Dean Li Honghai of the International College.

Vice Dean Li Honghai had a speech delivered to the teachers and students taking part in the games at the start of the event, and expressing his hope that all teachers and tudents may unite and cooperate, dare to work hard, and actively display themselves.

Team KWAKU which was led by Liberian Student Kawa, earned the first place in the Games after hard competition in five sports, including kangaroo leaping, crab racing, crossing the river by touching stones, group rope-skipping, and three-person quadruped relay.

Team EDWARD run by foreign student Rabin who also happens to be a Liberian came in the second, while the SHAROPOV team, headed by overseas student Shuklu from Uzbekistan, and the SIDDIQUE team, led by Pakistani student Nasir, tied for the third. The teachers and students clapped their hands and cheered each other on the field. The competition had a fierce, yet easygoing and pleasant environment, and it was a lot of fun, bringing a lot of instructors and students to watch.

This athletic event benefits both teachers and students by increasing mutual understanding and allowing them to exercise their awareness of teamwork. It also helps in building foreign students' solidarity and collective sense of dignity, leaving a unforgettable memory for students at China University of Mining and Technology.