New Year’s Tea Party and the Commendation Meeting for Excellent Teachers and Students


On December 31, 2021 the International College hosted a New Year's tea party and a commendation meeting for exceptional teachers and students. Dean Wu Gefei, Vice Dean Li Honghai, the teachers and staff, and all the international students met at the Maoyuan Student Activity Center on Wenchang Campus to greet the New Year. You Shi, the college's Director of general affairs, presided over the event.

Dean Wu Gefei, speaking on behalf of the college, first wished all teachers and students a happy New Year, affirmed the college's remarkable progress in 2021 and the achievements of teachers and students, and encouraged the students in the new year, and to gain a better understanding of China, in order to take the initiative to introduce China to the world, to play an active role in promoting people-to-people bonds between all countries, and encouraged all teachers to maintain a high level of struggle, and to color 2022 with more brilliant achievements.

Vice Dean Li Honghai then introduced the honorary awards for Chinese and foreign teachers and students for the year 2021. Dean Wu Gefei and Vice Dean Li Honghai presented the awards such as "Excellent Materials for Anti-epidemic Collective of Foreign Students with the Education Management Branch of China Higher Education Society", "Advanced Individuals in Education Management of Foreign Students in Jiangsu Province", "Excellent Foreign Students Counselor in Jiangsu Province", "Government Scholarship for Study in Jiangsu 2021" and others.

At the conference, award-winning teacher representative Chen Xue of China and award-winning student representative Wahab of Cameroon gave an exchange address, sharing their experiences, methods, and insights in teaching, professional learning, and public welfare activities.

Following the commendation activity came the loud and joyous celebration. The preamble to the party was launched by the lovely sound of Russian student Anna. Also Comorian student Ma Ben revealed his deep feeling for China University of Mining and Technology with exquisite singing. With the performance of a rap song by Liberian students Batuan and Rabin, the entire gathering was brought to a climax.

The New Year is always unique, and the chapters are always different. As predicted, the year 2022 will arrive. Standing at a fresh beginning point, all of the college's professors and students will continue to work hard and write a new chapter, working hard to promote the college's high-quality development and create a new chapter of our school's ”Study in China” Program.