The College Carries out the Year-end Security Inspection of Student Apartment


In the afternoon of December 30, Li Honghai, Vice Dean of the International College, all international student counselors, and some members of the International Student Comprehensive Affairs Service Department went to the international students’ apartments to further implement the school's epidemic prevention and control work and investigate the potential safety hazards of international students apartments.

Vice Dean Li Honghai and others checked the temperature measurement and fire-fighting equipment in the public area before heading to the dormitory to communicate with the students, reminding them of the final exam discipline, explaining the relevant school safety regulations, and pointing out the problems and suggesting the solutions about the dormitory's potential safety hazards.

Winter, according to Vice Dean Li Honghai, is a season of frequent safety hazards. It is necessary to develop new work methods, organically combine public relations with investigation and correction, complement each other's strengths online and offline, fully implement epidemic prevention and control work and student apartment safety management systems, and make every effort to ensure the safety of international students’ apartments and students' personal property.