Coordinated to Fight against the Pandemic, Devoted to Cleaning My Own Room


In the morning of May 1st, the room-cleaning activity of the international students was successfully held, with all the international students in Xuzhou taking part to show strong determination in fighting against the pandemic and guarding their own health. Dean Wu Gefei, Vice Dean Li Honghai and the counselor Fang Lizheng of International College inspected the activity and the ranking process.

All the students living both on and off campus in Xuzhou started the job from early morning, cleaning every corner of the dormitories and the public kitchens in the apartment building and improving the ventilation in the rooms. The international student ABIGAIL D. MORRIS from Liberia volunteered to clean the public kitchen on the fourth floor after finishing her own room. She says, “the clean and tidy kitchen would make us feel at home, so I feel energetic when doing the job.”

Dean Wu Gefei and Vice Dean Li Honghai of International College inspected the cleaning job of the international students, and talked with some of them warmly about their life and study. “The small dormitory of the students is closely related to the large environment of the pandemic prevention and control. All the students involved in this activity have shown great efforts. I hope everyone could keep relatively desired personal hygiene habits and strictly implement the personal responsibility on the students’ part in pandemic prevention and control,”comments Dean Wu Gefei. And Vice Dean Li Honghai says, “this room-cleaning activity is supposed to carry out the important instruction of labor education of the university, guiding all the international students to deeply experience the beauty, the glory and the greatness of physical labor. And meanwhile with this opportunity the civilized and healthy personal habits could be cultivated among the international students, who are expected to guard themselves against the pandemic or some other contagious diseases in the dormitory, without any ignorance of minor mistakes.”