Men’s Basketball Team of International College Wins Championship in 2022 “Xingjian Cup” League(Group B)


In the final of 2022 “Xingjian Cup” League(Group B), the men’s basketball team of International College wins the championship by beating School of Materials and Physics with the aggregate score of 2:0.

This year the league includes the group stage and the knockout stage. During the former period, our basketball team ranked the third place with 8 victories and 2 losses; and in the knockout stage, the young men won the games versus School of Computer Science and Technology and School of Mechatronic Engineering, and met School of Materials and Physics in the final. With the final aggregate of 2:0, they won the championship without any loss in any game of the knockout stage.

In the final which was held at the night of June 14th, in spite of the advantage of the players, our team tried their best in great unity, with the noisy and inspirational cheering squad of their schoolmates. At last, they made it to the championship up to the expectations.

The “Xingjian Cup” League this year marks the debut of the men’s basketball team of International College, who demonstrate the sunshine and energetic youth spirit and the outlook of unity and fighting hard. In the meantime this competition helps to promote the cohesion and sense of collective glory of the international students, and also the friendship between them and Chinese schoolmates.